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Trading is not emotional... 

You're Kidding man?
Trading is the most emotional job that I made !


Why are traders superstitious?

Because the market is capricious!



When everything seems to be going in one direction, the market turns around "for no apparent reason." The high volatility of the markets accentuated by the high frequency trading of bots, makes market trends more and more impalpable.


What differentiates one good trader from another?


Once all the knowledge and experience acquired in trading, whether it is the specificity of a market or the parameters of the indicators... what differentiates one trader from another? Intuition? Trust? ...

The trader is also superstitious because he has the impression that he must appeal to an impalpable sense, even esoteric which is INTUITION.

Know how to open or close a position in time. Know how to "feel" the market in advance. Know if the trend will be Bull or Bear...


What promotes intuition?


In neurology it is observed that in the brain frequency Theta (brain wave of calm, hypnosis and meditation) "intuition" is facilitated and developed.

When we observe art, our brain tends to produce more theta frequencies. Accentuated by color, visuals and positive messages in relation to trading all these elements will put the trader in the best conditions to trade.


What is superstition?


Superstition is conferring "power" on an object or an act. We've been doing it since we were kids!

A child's cuddly toy has the power to soothe him because the child gives him this energy and his belonging. When blanky is there, the child is spontaneously reassured and confident.

Later, we confer "powers" on objects... "grigri" to protect us. The jewel of a parent, a fetish garment that brings us luck... we enclose and condition a positive energy in an object that reassures us when we wear it.

We will give this role to paintings.


The purpose of my artwork?


Create the best possible conditions for the trader. Bring in his environment, a physical support to allow him to mobilize his brain frequency theta in order to perform.

The impact of the sentences on each work, read instinctively and repetitively, allows to install a sense of security.

In neurology, the more repetitively a sentence is read, the deeper it becomes anchored and acquired. Each sentence is carefully chosen to be in perfect correlation with each design and message for the trader.

Art is the noblest of investments. Invest in art and the return on investment will be the performance of your traders!

I would be delighted and honored to design the working environment of your employees.

Do not hesitate to contact me I will be happy to come and meet you and exchange on this exciting subject that is the relationship between art, neurology and performance.


Olivia Boa

Some studies about it...

All canvas will be personalized

You can choose the color's background, the theme, text & size.


Background will be made in Boxing Painting technical to have more powerful energy.

We can choose together upstream which kind of colors will be the best for your premices.

Each color have an influence on the mood and traiding.

I can also manage a special lighting with U.V light to have an awesome effect during the night, if your artwork can be see by night when lights off.


1. Background


Selection a background 

2. The Theme

Have a lucky day.jpg

Choose the theme & text motivation

3. Size


Choose the best size for your canvas

Pricing list

Timing to realize an order depends of the number of artworks and sizes. Normaly you must allow 2 to 3 weeks for completion an order.

Size S :     50x70 cm ......................1'950 USD 

Size M :    80x100 cm .................... 4'450 USD

Size L :    130x160 cm ................. 10'600 USD

Size XL :  160x220 cm ..................19'500 USD


Size XS (framed) 17x24 cm ............ 290 USD

The XS size is perfect for client's gift or employee's present, little size, charming frame and affordable price.

My artwork explained

Would like to know more about the deep symbolism of my art ?

And which impact it has had on its environment ?

Have a look on the next PDF explanation to one of my artwork.

The process
Step by Step

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Some artworks
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Have a Lucky day

size: 160x220 cm

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Size 130x160 cm

Trading Mood

Size: 130x160 cm