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How Does An Artist See The World?

By Caroll Lewis

"It is the uniqueness of every little detail that gives the strength and harmony of the Whole."

Olivia Boa

There’s a general belief that artists view the world through a completely different pair of eyes. They are intent observers of the world and see through a lens of “good-vibes and feelings.” Artists use their minds and look for visual cues to create an expressive response. The art they create and share with other people is an emotional interpretation.

Now a question might strike your mind, “how do blind people see?” Olivia Boa has the answer for this as well. When her third son was born blind, her philosophy, lifestyle, and worldview changed. She wanted to explore the different perspectives of art and did it blindly.

The hazy distinct vision of the world, flashing lights, and moving dots are some exemplary and indistinct versions of their world. The painters throughout history, from the impressionists to modern abstract artists, have offered us the tool to understand reality with sight loss.

Even Olivia thought about what it feels like a disabled painter. In fact, she has never felt so alive, unrestrained, and vigorous to paint without her visual judgment.

In 2013, she exhibited her collection “Blind” to convey convincing information on society.

Her new collection, “Blind” is like a pure expression. In a society that depends on the visual relationship and dimension of the world, “Blind” forces us to think something new and innovative.

She wanted to experience the different aspects of the world from this constraint by painting the canvas with bandaged eyes.

You can see her published artwork in famous magazines like STYLECRUZE.

Everything You Need To Know About boxing Painting Street Art

Olivia Boa started her boxing career 21 years ago when she was 19 years old. She even participated in Swiss and France, European championships, and the world boxing championship. On November 27th, 2021, she took part in the world championship for the last time.

When she was a kid, she asked her mother to enroll her name in boxing. Unfortunately, her answer was ‘NO.’ But, she joined anyway. It helped her fight the social hindrances, making her more autonomous and confident.

The deeper you go, the more you will gain the lost inducement from this woman. She does provide conviction among the people that have forgotten their self-worth. If you see her boxing illustrations, you will love them! It’s the beginning of the era - where boxing meets painting. “I love to practice my favorite Art!” - says Olivia.

She believes that passion and love can help you achieve whatever you want in your life.

Do you want to paint with boxing gloves on the walls?

Select your colors, support (painting equipment and tools), and sufficient dilution of colors; it will help you obtain the desired effect. You will have to do your best with the background effect painting. Having control over the punches is essential as well. You will have to manage your power depending on the required splash.

“I do art painting boxing to make incredible expressionist and organic paintings with boxing gloves.” - says Olivia in her interview.

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