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Before to be a dress, a notebook or a goods...

I make an art works hand-made, generaly with acylic on canvas.

Before to make the art works, I define a Schedule of conditions...

- the subject

- the colorimetry

- the influence that I'm looking for (to focus, to calm, to be both…)

When I have my Schedule of conditions made, I can calculate the exact location of each "pixel".

For that, I've developed a special mathematical formula to calculate the positioning and the directional vector to do it.

One the painting is completed the studies can start!

An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test used to evaluate the electrical activity in the brain. An EEG tracks and records brain waves.

Small flat metal discs called électrodes are attached to the scalp with wires.


Our cerebral activity change with our emotions and state of stress.

With EEG we are abble to see it and measure the changing on 30 secondes, 3 minutes or more.


By this means we can measure the impact of each design and painting on cerebrales waves of volonteer. 


Hawai Pink.jpg

So, that's what the condensed summary of the data looks like.

6 topography representing the 6 kind of cerebral waves:

Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta1, Beta2, Gamma.

By this way we can observe the art works's influence on cerebral waves and the impact of the eyes movement in Ocular Kinetic Boa. 

Do you know it?

Our eyes movement have a strong impact on our cerebrales waves!

An horizontal movement can calm down the brain activity until theta waves, like hypnotisis made.

A vertical movement will mobilize the attention and allows to focus it.


Do you know it?

Colors have also a strong impact on our activity.

In chromaticity, they realized that "cold colors" calm down and "warm colors" can boost the mood.

Would like to help the research?

All donations are welcome with a lot of gratfullness.

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Sorry, actually reports are in french, english version are conming soon!


Impact design BOA


Boa designs impact on oxydive stress 2018

men shirt Hawai' S Impact

Men shirt Hawai's impact

BOA DESIGN'S Impact on OXYDATIVE STRESS, studies 2020

Boa design impact oxydative stress study 2020
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