Philosophy and art works seen through the magnifying glass.

"The life is a grid with a superposition of field.

The whole is so complex that only rarely are analyse the deeper of grid."

Olivia Boa


Since my yourngest age, I have a singular field of view. I noticed that my perception of the world was very particular from my schoolmate.

I always been retranscribing it in art.

It's like I see different range of matter field. All move and each structure emits vibrations.


At 3 years old, my school headmistress convened my mother to ask her if she can keep one of my colorfulness drawing! It was the first time that she ask to keep a child's drawing for her…

Me, 3 years old

All my paintings are made layer by layer.

You can see it if you observe carefully my art works. Here is some close-up of few paintings… Enjoy!


The Rose

Pixel collection

Acryl on canvas 50x50 cm



Blind collection

Acryl on canvas 160x100 cm


DNA Blue

Pixel collection

Acryl on canvas 100x50 cm



Blind collection

Acryl on canvas 100x80 cm



Pixel collection

Acryl on canvas 55x38 cm

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