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School Supply

I am a mum of 4!

I know what's mean to manage homework everyday for all my kids.

Every kids are different… someone  are more sensitive, some other more dynamic… even in the same family with the same education!

Well, some children can get to manage their concentration… and some of us find ways to hide that fear, and some of us don't!

What I am seeing...

Every children are under stress! In today's world, our society asks tus to be fast, exact, constantly changing and to adapt the market so quickly… The worldwide actually is under pressure!

And we teach this to our children!

To work under pressure to be the best… if not… the society will not accept you, you will be marginalized...

Stack of Notebooks
School Kids Meditating

I developed the Ocular Kinetic Boa to bring a simple and effortless solution to manage the stress efficiently.

Meditation is a good solution to manage stress because we calm down our cerebral activity by this way.

Just meditate is like competitive sport! We need to make training everyday to be successful.

It's not easy for a kid in nervous stateto stay quiete. 


The stationery designed in Ocular Kinetic is a pretty good alternative!

Effortless, effective follow-up, look the design cover 30 secondes are enough to decrease the cerebral waves in theta waves.

Theta waves are the frequency that we are looking during meditation.

theta waves.jpg

The secret?

Your eyes will "jump" to pixel at pixel on the design, and like pixel's position are very accuracy, the effect will be like hypnotisis or EMDR method.

Have a look on our neurological research! 



You can buy directly on shop in Switzerland in the subsidiaries of MIGROS shop's cooperatives: Neuchâtel/Fribourg and Vaud.

Avry centre, Marly, Pérolles, Granges-Paccot, St Thérèse, Cormanon centre, Gruyère centre, Marin, La Tour-de-Trême, Neuchâtel Hôpital, Cernier, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Saignelégier, Le Locle, Peseux, Châtel-St-Denis et Romont, Chablais centre, Chailly, Lausanne, Closelet, Crissier, Echallens, Montagny, Montreux, Morges, Pully, Renens, Romanel, Vevey Coindet et Yverdon.

Or directly online:

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