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Qu'est-ce que l'Art Boxing?

Art is like Boxing...

It takes hours of training to give the impression to the public that everything is fluid, easy, innate... to give the illusion that the result depends on a random factor of concordances and give such a clear rendering.

In Art Boxing Painting, what the observer does not perceive is the very precise parameters chosen before making the artwork...

Such as for example the force and pressure used for each impact of blow on the canvas according to the expected splash.

As well as the speed and precision of premeditated execution that will give direction to the painting.

But also the amount of liquid added to the color in order to choose which rendering I want to get in the end and what dripping I expect.

Just like the precise exposure time of the vertical canvas that will define the length of the desired colored flows.

Not to mention the preparation of colored backgrounds upstream.

All the choices of these parameters are invisible to observers. As well as the hours of training spent experimenting with this technique.

To finally give the impression of the perfect gesture, simple, to create works in pure abstract expressionism, with the street art side of boxing in addition.

This is what I do... This is my Art.

Olivia Boa

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