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New Sight Editorial issue


Art, Neurology & Design

I combined my passion for neurology with my art skills to create a new fashion style.

As a result of my research, I have acquiered the Following convictions that what I wear can influence positively people I cross during my day.

Our attitude, but also our dress have a subtle impact on everybody.

My neurological studies on Ocular Kinetic can measure this impact!


From design to collection...

When I draw a new collection from my new designs and Art works, it's so exciting to see the final result on clothing during famous Fashion Week.

It's an awesome sensation! 

Paris Fashion Week shooting


Designs for sportwear

I am a professionnal boxer, a competitor...

Everyone who practice sport developp especially the vision to catch every little informations very quickly to manage it and have the right answer during the right timing!

Informations from visual perception are very importante for the athlete.



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