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BOA Project


Art & Neurology

for recovery and performance

Management of different stresses



What is Project BOA?


The BOA Project combines Art and Neurology to provide visual support (in the form of a painting, poster or textile design) and an auditory support (in the form of wireless headphones) for anyone wishing to work on their endogenous potential, their perceptions, their field of consciousness and their management of different stresses.​

Who is the BOA Project for?

Its ease of use allows everyone to use it fully.

Olivia Boa having designed it for her 9-month-old disabled son, the Project had to be based on effortless (the minimum commitment on the part of the person), that it be easy to use, fast and effective immediately! 9 minutes of listening is enough to significantly lower the brain waves of the person in order to reach a theta brain wave (the theta wave is the wave of deep relaxation, hypnosis but also mindfulness in order to better integrate information).

The BOA Project is aimed at children from 9 months of age (with a minimum volume) and adults.​

The goal:


Allow a better regeneration and integration of information consciously, for students or athletes for example.

While managing the different stresses present calmly and naturally.

The Boa Project allows a better management and integration of several simultaneous information that are generally the main source of stress and burn-out in people.

Who can benefit from the BOA Project?

- People who have intense mental activity during the day and have trouble lowering their brain frequency to fall asleep.

- People subjected to stress, whether physical, psychic, emotional or mental.

- Students in order to better consciously integrate the information related to the courses.

- People prone to depression and burn-out.

- High-level athletes in order to manage the physical stresses related to intense training, in order to better manage recovery, avoid overtraining and consciously integrate information from technical and tactical training.

- Artists, writers and people who seek inspiration because the theta brain wave allows this interconnection between the unconscious and the conscious, it is the wave of hypnosis.





By acting directly on brain waves through neurological techniques that induce a theta wave state in the person, i.e. deep relaxation.

Techniques used

For the BOA Project helmet:

The BOA project uses the differences in potentials between each sound frequency commonly known as binaural sound.


- Binaural sounds are a technique that allows you to broadcast the same tone at two different frequencies.

For example, a sound will be transmitted simultaneously but at 200 Hz in the right ear and 207 Hz in the left ear. The brain will compensate for this difference by modeling its brain waves on 7 Hz which is the difference between 207-200.

- Isochronous sounds, which are based on a tone induced either in the right ear or in the left ear, make it possible to stimulate alternately either the right hemisphere or the left hemisphere.

- Cardiac coherence, because we also have neurons in our heart, as many neurons as a small cortex. If our heart rate is synchronized with our brain rate, we can say that we are "aligned" if we are out of sync pathologies such as anxiety or anxiety can occur for no apparent reason.

- Subliminal messages, in order to work on the sphere of the unconscious. Each message is written for each bullet.

- A music frequency at 432 Hz instead of 440 Hz of the usual music. This frequency is called "natural". Oscillation at 432 Hz is a resonant frequency of water (while 440 Hz does not have it). Remember that water is a major constituent of all life on earth, from bacteria to the most developed organisms.

Do you have specific questions? Are you a therapist or would you like to become a brand ambassador?

Contact the designer Olivia Boa directly:


For BOA Project designs:


Each design and painting is designed according to the COB concept of Boa Eye Kinetics initiated by the artist. This method is based on the potential differences of the wavelengths of light.

The concept of Boa Eye Kinetics is based on 5 parameters:

- The layout of the Pixels

- The directional vector

- The orientation of the Pixels

- The chromatic order of colors

- The provision on 2 or 3 levels of interpretation.


For more information see the NEUROLOGY tab


The purpose of boa Creations' textile lines (Boa Creations, 2B by BOA and B.Boxer by BOA)

Each garment is designed according to the principle of Boa Eye Kinetics, the designs are completely or partially reproduced according to the collections.

EEGs are performed to measure people's brain activity for the same design reproduced in a different way.

Always more information on research under the NEUROLOGY tab

The purpose of the textile line is to be able to carry information about yourself that you can share around you.

Become aware of the importance of visual impact around us.

Possibility to design sports teams, as was the junior teams of FC Matran in 2017.












The purpose of the Boa Creations collections also makes it possible to finance research on the BOA Project, research that the founder currently fully supports.

Thus, each purchase makes it possible to contribute to the advancement of this research.

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EEG research    exemple:



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